Stop the TPP - Chicago

Stop the TPP
February 4, 2016

Stop The TPP – Chicago

Join us Feb 4TH, at 4 pm, Fed Plaza, Adams and Dearborn  in Chicago.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive trade deal that's been negotiated among 12 countries, including the United State. It's the largest trade deal in history, covering 792 million people and accounting for 40% of the world's economy. It is NAFTA on steroids!  If the TPP goes into effect:  More U.S. Jobs will be sent offshore – Wages will be suppressed – Foreign Corporations get veto power over U.S. Laws - Buy American laws would be illegal  environmental, internet, freedom and food safety laws could be threatened.  

Bring your Stop the TPP signs and dress warmly, we will march against this corporate coup and engage commuters at Union and Ogilvie Stations to Call Congress to Vote NO!

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