Success--Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Stand with Voters, Call for Amendment to End Corporate Personhood

December 10, 2014

The Salt Lake City Council and Mayor joined the city's voters - and 434 other municipalities nationwide - in calling for a constitutional amendment that would end corporate personhood and reverse the corrupting influence of money in politics.

The joint resolution was a result of Move to Amend Salt Lake's latest efforts following its mail-in ballot victory in 2013's City Opinion Question, when 89% of voters approved the same “We the People” amendment.

The amendment asserts that (1) artificial entities do not have inalienable rights under the Constitution and therefore can be regulated, and (2) money is not speech and therefore can be regulated to ensure no person gains substantially more ability to influence the political process.

“We applaud our Council and Mayor for taking this important public step,” said Giles Larsen, co-founder of Move to Amend Salt Lake. “With voters and elected officials now on the same page,” Giles added, ”we should enact some common-sense changes in city election law to reign in corporate influence and money in politics.”

Move to Amend Salt Lake is already working with the City Council on such an ordinance, through (1) a city-wide ban on direct corporate contributions to candidates (already banned in 23 states and on the federal level), and (2) a reduction in the amount an individual can contribute to a candidate for city races, to better reflect contribution limits nationally.