Suffragists made it happen!

August 18, 2018

The constitution has been amended 27 times! TWENTY-SEVEN! That is 27 times that the people exercised their supreme power and made adjustments.

Today, we celebrate the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which finally ended discrimination against women's right to vote! It's a glorious reminder that all change comes from a group of passionate people who fight until they achieve victory!

Become a volunteer with Move to Amend and join a group of passionate people who are fighting to pass the We the People Amendment to end corporate constitutional rights!

Move to Amend and the campaign to legalize democracy needs you. We are a grassroots coalition with a small staff and a huge network of volunteer affiliates, who do the work on the ground! Our volunteers educate the public, serve on national committees, and work in their local affiliate groups to help Move to Amend organize for the We the People Amendment.

The We The People Amendment says that artificial entities, like as corporations, do not have constitutional rights, and that money is not protected speech

The best way to support the passage of the We the People Amendment is to help establish a Move to Amend affiliate group in your community by becoming a volunteer.

With tremendous support from the Move to Amend National Team, you will have all the tools you need to expertly help folks in your community understand why we must stop greedy corporations from usurping our human rights. 

Together, we can change this system. Together, we will succeed.Join us as a volunteer today!

P.S. if you believe that change and progress rests in the actions of a group of passionate individuals, then join the Move to Amend Coalition as a volunteer now!

P.P.S. Is volunteering not an option for you? Then pleasebecome a monthly sustainer to support the folks who are donating their time!