National Leadership Summit 2019: Program


SESSIONS TO INCLUDE (not complete and subject to change):

  • Community Building and Leadership as Democratic Practices

  • Mastering MTA's Outreach and Organizing Tools to Grow Your Group

  • Introduction to Move to Amend for New Folks

  • Move to Amend Strategic Moment (2019-2020)

  • Resolutions & Ballot Initiatives

  • Getting Ready for Pledge to Amend 2020

  • Corporate Constitutional Rights Beyond Money as Speech

  • Public Speaking for Organizing

  • Fundraising to Support Move to Amend and grassroots causes

  • Civil Disobedience and Movement Building

  • Article V Conventions

  • Lobbying Effectively for the We the People Amendment

  • Birddogging: Don't Let Those Politicians Off the Hook!

  • Building Relationships Across Issues and Movements

  • Effective/Authentic Solidarity Organizing

  • Online Engagement Training


  • If you have an idea for a session you'd like to lead, please submit your proposal here

Additional program details coming soon! 

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