Support the 99% in Collecting Initiative Signatures in Newark

January 21, 2016

As you may or may not know, the 99% of Newark and East Central Ohio (99% of NECO) is making a second attempt to get our initiative on the ballot for November of 2016. Last time we missed it by 110 signatures. We needed 1303, and we had 1193 and turned in around 1800. If we had a few more volunteers collecting signatures we would have made it! We came so close! I am sending this email to those of you that I know are interested in this kind of thing because somewhere along the line you have made contact with us. You wouldn't have contacted us at all if you weren't concerned about the direction our country is going, namely an oligarchy instead of a true democracy. In other words, the extremely wealthy and mega corporations will be calling all the shots if we don't do something! It takes more than talk to do something. It takes getting involved and putting some time and effort into this. We need volunteers to help us get signatures!

Just to refresh your memory, the title of this initiative is Newark Initiative in Support Of Movement to Amend the U.S. Constitution To Establish Corporations, or Other Artificial Entities, Are Not People And Money Is Not Speech. It is going to take 20% t0 30% of the American Public getting educated to what is going on to turn this around as our elected officials will only listen to money or lots of people, perhaps millions. This starts with grass roots movements such as ours to start that education. If our initiative passes, there will be a Democracy Day each March in which the citizens of Newark can speak for at least 5 minutes about these issues as well as submit written testimony. The Democracy Day will be held each year until we have the amendment. By the way this has passed everywhere this or similar language has been on the ballot. Those communities number about 300 nationwide. I might add Toledo officially has this on their ballot for the March 15 primary.

We plan to have our big kick-off this year at the polls for the March 15 primary. A couple of us manned the polls in November for a short time and found we got many signatures in that short time. Per the Board of Elections of Licking County it is our right to do this provided we are 100 feet away from the entrance to the poll. We can definitely do this on public property such as public schools. If we have permission, it can be done on private property as well. Considering our results in November, we think we can get tons of signatures in March if we have the polls properly manned.

I'm writing early so perhaps you can make plans to help us. I'll be in touch right along. Please get in touch with us via email (neco99s [at] or by contacting me at 740-334-2728 if you can give us some time March 15. We need to start planning a schedule.

Please help insure we make it this time!

Sincerely, Sally and the 99% of NECO