Support Amendment to Combat the Big Money in Politics

March 19, 2015
Meri Christensen, Watertown

 When colonists declared independence from England in 1776 they also freed themselves from the control of the wealth extracting English corporations. Following that, when a corporate charter was granted it was for a limited amount of time, required to benefit the public, and did not allow the corporations to make political or charitable contributions that would influence lawmaking.

Since the Supreme Court decisions granting corporations the status of personhood and equating money with freedom of speech, we have seen corporate money flooding in to our elections. One of the most influential Supreme Court decisions allowing this was Citizens United. We already have billionaires pledging almost a billion dollars to support their candidate for president in the 2016 elections, and that is just one family.

Citizens, like you and I, cannot compete with the massive amount of money these corporate billionaires will invest in the candidates of their choice. This has a negative impact on the voice of the citizen. With corporate monies more billboards, TV ads, mailers, and campaign workers can be purchased to influence your election decisions. They would not make these investments if the advertising didn’t work. Big money means big voices reducing the individual citizen’s voice to a whisper.

During the April 7 election you have the opportunity to bring democracy back to our elections. Move to Amend is a nonpartisan, grassroots movement that is working to establish a Constitutional Amendment to get the voice of the people back into our political system and limit the influence of corporations, unions, and other such entities. Vote yes to support the Move to Amend ballot initiative as 54 Wisconsin communities and 16 states already have.



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