Sustainership is Where It Is At

May 13, 2018

I know we're sending a lot of messages this month. Thank you for bearing with us as we make up the amount that we're behind on our fundraising for 2018.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Mayday campaign so far! You've helped us raise $58,055! 

From past experience we know that to raise $150,000 in a month it takes a lot of emails to keep the momentum up. Trust us, as soon as we are able to raise the amount needed, we will go back to our normal number of emails, and focus on organizing and educating to grow the movement to amend.

Because we want to be sure that we don't find ourselves in this position again in 3-4 months, we are making some changes to our fundraising model. We are blessed to have thousands of donors. But not enough to pay the bills every month... unless you each pitch in monthly.

If every one of you just gave $5-28/monthly, we would never be in another mayday situation again. Please help us sustain the movement by becoming a sustaining donor!

If everyone who cares about this movement pitched in monthly, we could go back to our focus on organizing to grow the momentum for the We the People Amendment to end corporate personhood and get big money out of politics -- and that's what we do better than any other group out there.

I know not everyone reading this email is in a position to start a Move to Amend group in your community, or spend 4-5 hours this week collecting petitions, or write a letter to the editor to explain how corporate rule impacts your community, or to sit down with your Congressperson to educate them about why they should support this issue. That's understandable.

But if you're not in a position to help in these ways, we still need youWe need you to send a little bit of cash our way every month to support all of us who are putting in our time every day.

If together we all do our part, Move to Amend will be unstoppable.

But only if we all pitch in all we can.

We need to raise $150,000 right now, but we also need to ensure that Move to Amend is strong and healthy going forward, not just for the next few months, but for as long as it takes to pass the We the People Amendment.

We're never going to change our commitment to be a financially and politically independent organization. Going after big dollars from large foundations or wealthy individuals -- even if they appear to share our mission -- puts our independence in jeopardy.

Help us safeguard that independence by pitching in to keep us grassroots funded, every month.

What if a politician in a particular party needs to be called out? What if hard questions need to be asked?

We want to guarantee that we'll be able to stand firm, not matter what.

Some organizations have trouble doing this, and when you follow the money, it is easy to see why. The best way to safeguard against that is to make sure we aren't reliant on too much support from any one source. Help us guarantee our independence by donating $5 / $15 / $28 / $50 -- whatever works for you -- a month.

We have promised you we will be uncompromising when it comes to the platform for the 28th Amendment: ending all constitutional rights for corporations and getting all big money out of politics. Help us keep that committment by backing Move to Amend with a monthly donation.

To all of you who already give every month -- thank you! Thank you for matching our investment and committment with your support. We need more folks like you -- literally. Have you asked your friends to join you in making a monthly donation? Will you please?

I've been so heartened by the response we have received so far. Hundreds of folks have stepped forward to respond to our appeals -- many of you who have never donated before!

In crisis there is opportunity. We sent you a mayday email on May 1 because we had financial crisis looming. But now this is a critical opportunity to adjust our fundraising program to ensure our movement's staying power.Help us make that transitition -- please sign up to give monthly to Move to Amend.

You can make your monthly donation by credit or debit card, or by setting up an automatic withdrawl from your bank account. Click here to get started.

Thank you so very much,

P.S. Many of you who give monthly also do donate your time -- thank you! You are true heroes and future generations will have you to thank. If you're not already giving monthly, please join the campaign to make the movement to amend sustainable.