Tallmadge City Council Passes MTA Resolution

April 25, 2019

Thanks to everyone who testified, made calls and/or spread the word over the course of several months.

Tallmadge is the 24th Ohio community and the latest in hundreds of communities across the country to call on Congress to take action.

The text of the resolution is attached 

In addition to City Council "calling for freeing democracy from corporate control by amending the U.S. Constitution to establish that: Money is not speech, and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech," the resolution states: "That the City of Tallmadge designate one of its annual Tallmadge Circle music events as 'Democracy Day' each July and invite all interested political parties/formations and issue groups to set up informational booths, to generate public involvement in our democracy, and in the words of President Abraham Lincoln so that 'government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth' (event to begin two hours before musical presentation)."

There will be opportunities for group representatives to speak as well.

Well done, Tallmadge, for adding your voice to the growing chorus to end "corporate personhood" and political money in elections defined as "free speech."