Tell Chris Abele that our democracy is more than a Facebook poll!

August 28, 2012

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele thinks that your right to vote on whether Corporations have the same rights as people is as meaningless as  “A Facebook poll.“

Abele says he will veto the Move To Amend resolution today, despite it  passing by a super majority of the elected County Board.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Move To Amend referendum to be placed on the November ballot. Call Chris Abele at 414-278-4211 and demand he pass the resolution NOW! Let him know that “Corporations are not people, money is not speech, and our fundamental right to vote is not the same as a Facebook poll!”


Move to Amend calls on Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele to immediately sign Legislative File #12-544, a resolution calling for an advisory referendum on the November ballot regarding corporate personhood. The resolution asks voters if the U.S. Constitution should be amended to establish that corporations are not people and therefore not entitled to Constitutional rights, and that money is not the equivalent of speech.

Abele has threatened to veto the resolution, which passed with a 14-4 majority vote by the Milwaukee County Board, unless supporters paid the estimated $19,000 cost out of their own pockets. Move To Amend supporters have rejected this offer, arguing that placing a referendum on the ballot should not be for sale.

According the County Executive’s own budget numbers, Milwaukee County currently holds a $11.5 million dollar budget surplus.

The advisory referendum would allow Milwaukee County residents to join the over 200 cities and counties nationwide, including the Wisconsin cities of Madison and West Allis, and Dane County, who have passed resolutions in opposition to the controversial Citizens United ruling, which granted corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts on elections – in many cases requiring no public disclosure of the source – claiming it is their Constitutional right of “free speech.”



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