Tesimony of Dolores Whitman re Democracy Day in Defiance

March 6, 2019

Video of Dolores Whitman re Democracy Day in Defiance. Her testimony before City Council on February 5 and begins at the 6:20 minute mark.  http://cityofdefiance.com/government/city-council/city-council-minutes/#...

It is followed by the Mayor stating that they had a scheduling conflict for that date, which they resolved by moving the other event to another room, so we were not limited to 30 min.

Ed and Dorothy Singer handled the DD event on Feb. 14.  It was no better than what happened in 2017.  We had two nay-sayers present who aired their ridiculous arguments, and only one person supporting us, who I don’t think said anything.  Ed showed part of the video “The Corporation” and some of the power points.  For some reason, that event was not filmed.  I will check today to see if the Mayor has fulfilled his requirement to send letters to government representatives.

She will continue with the website:  https://democracydayindefiance.com/

She plans to use it as a means by which to educate people about how our Representative Democracy has been destroyed by corporate personhood and money being equated with speech.  I will try to show how our media is nothing but propaganda by revealing the truth that is found in the alternative information sources available to anyone who cares to look.