Thanks to all involved! Two Big Wins in Wisconsin

April 5, 2013
Dan Fary

Move To Amend Rock River Affiliate wishes to thank everyone involved in the tremendous show of support the 28th We the People Amendment. We have a great group of volunteers helping with every aspect of the movement. And on April 2, hundreds of citizens voted to try to end the grip of moneyed interests in controlling our elections, and thus in all laws and regulations they foster.

We were extremely pleased that 77% of voters in Fort Atkinson and 84% in Whitewater voted "YES" for this Constitutional amendment. That's virtually a mandate from these communities to the U.S. Congress. This is an overwhelmingly positive support for the issue. As Whitewater MTA leader James Hartwick said: "I would say the numbers in these communities indicate that this is a virtual mandate from these two communities. I think these two communities are kind of the 'heartland' of Wisconsin. They are moderate places in Wisconsin, divided fairly evenly, and to have these types of numbers indicates the strong bipartisan support to get big money out of elections."

In the nation, we now have 12 states that have called on the U.S. Congress for some version of this amendment: Hawaii (the first, on April 28th, 2010), New Mexico, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Colorado, Montana, and West Virginia (the last, on April 4, 2013).

In Wisconsin, we now have 9 communities that have passed referenda or resolutions for this amendment: Dane, Dunn, Eau Claire, and Chippewa Counties, the Town of Westport, and the Cities of Madison, West Allis, Fort Atkinson, and Whitewater.

The MTA Rock River Affiliate will continue to work within Jefferson and Walworth County areas for this movement. If you haven’t already signed the “Money Out - Voters In,” please do so at  –  click on the upper-right “Money Out / Voters In” logo.

“Thank you” again, to each one of you who assisted in so many countless ways!

- Dan Fary



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