Thanksgiving Reflections

November 24, 2016

Standing with the Standing Rock Sioux

As We Sit Around the Table With Loved Ones,
Let Us Reflect on Standing Rock


Although the country may be currently in a moment of uncertainty after the results of the presidential election, certain traditions persist. The leaves are changing, the weather is colder, and friends, families and loved ones will soon gather around the table. Many people are looking out for and making preparations for those less unfortunate, and the U.S. government is still prioritizing the profits of giant corporations -- at the expense of this land's indigenous people.

Manifest Destiny is Not Dead. 

For months now, the Standing Rock Sioux have resisted the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). In this time not only have the treaties signed with the US government been broken, the tribes sacred sites were decimated by construction equipment and many members of the tribe and allies were brutalized by police forces in riot gear.

Beyond the sacred nature of the land for the Standing Rock Sioux, and theundeniable fact that the construction of the pipeline is in conflict with a longstanding treaty, there are serious potential ecological consequences for the Sioux: pipelines leak.

Our country has a history of putting the needs of the likes of the Southern Pacific Railroad and other such companies above the mutually agreed upon treaties made with indigenous peoples. It also has a history of breaking these treaties at the expense of the lives and livelihoods of countless native peoples. When our Constitution was written, Native Americans were some of the many residents of this nation not even considered people. 

Isn't it about time we stopped demanding that Indigenous people continuously fight for basic human rights?

In order to fight climate change we must remove ourselves from our fossil fuel addiction. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), the failed Keystone XL Pipeline and other such projects keep us tied to our fossil fuel habit while continuing the objectionable history of disenfranchising this country's first people. 

As we share, reminisce and commiserate with our loved ones on this harvest holiday, let us reflect on the fictions that surround our country's founding and the reality of our past and continuing acts against Native People. Let us be honest. Let us never again subjugate the lives and livelihoods of of an entire people to those of corporate interest. Let us stand with the Standing Rock Sioux.

Move to Amend sent a delegation to Standing Rock this week to cook, deliver army tents and stoves to provide shelter and warmth, and deliver and stack firewood. Please do what you can to support the struggle against the DAPL. At the very least by spreading the word and sharing news from the independent media that is covering the story, since corporate media is largely ignoring it or is spreading misinformation against protectors.

Water is Life.

Wishing you warm Harvest Holiday wishes,

Daniel Lee, Jerome Scott, Laura Bonham, George Friday, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, and David Cobb
Move to Amend National Team