A Time for Everything

December 7, 2015

“All great achievements require time.”   ~Maya Angelou

With the holidays rushing towards us, Move to Amend’s anniversary often gets lost in the shuffle.  Folks tend to forget that five years ago while most of us were busy finishing up our volunteer tasks in preparation for the holidays, a small group was gathered in a living room preparing for the Citizens United decision.

Weeks later the Motion to Amend petition was launched. Five years later, Move to Amend has formed into an effective, grassroots, volunteer-driven organization on the cutting edge of the democracy movement—thanks to your support.

We’re helping to build a democracy movement spanning across social divides because that’s what it will take to pass the We the People Amendment, go on to ratify the amendment, and then establish real participatory democracy in every American community. It’s working!

We celebrate and thank you for your part in:

  • Gathering 400,000 signatures on the Motion to Amend petition,
  • Leading 58 organized affiliates and groups in 22 states (and more every year),
  • Our political education program,
  • Listening to our weekly internet podcast Move to Amend Reports,
  • Supporting our barnstorming tours,
  • Arts, Interfaith and Labor Caucuses,
  • Demonstrations like Occupy the Courts across 46 states, and
  • Teach-ins and People’s Movement Assemblies.

These are impressive achievements in just five short years, but there’s more. Your support is also responsible for:

  • Helping tens of thousands of voters (from all parties) demand an amendment to end corporate constitutional rights and money as speech,
  • Winning 16 statewide resolutions and ballot initiatives,
  • Passing resolutions and referenda in 600 counties and towns across 30 states.
  • Dozens more are currently in progress.

There’s more we have to be thankful for:

  • 26 federal representatives from 13 states, 25 state representatives from 7 states, and a dozen-plus municipal officials took the Pledge to Amend.
  • 561 non-profit organizations, unions, political groups, faith congregations, media outlets, and universities have either passed formal resolutions or endorsed Move to Amend.
  • The We the People Amendment (HJR-48) is re-introduced in Congress by Rep. Rick Nolan on April 28th 2015 and currently has 14 co-sponsors!

Maya Angelou is right. Our achievements are many, but great achievements take time, and much work still lies ahead.

Our faith in our success is based on the sure knowledge that people like you are involved with Move to Amend. We carry on together in joy and in sadness, people who share a commitment to a democratic future where humanity and nature are valued more than the dollar, where money is not speech and corporations are not people.

At the end of our fifth year, there’s no better time to thank you for supporting Move to Amend and being part of the Move to Amend community,