TODAY! Intersectionality & Inclusivity in the Pro-Democracy Movement

March 29, 2018

Our second national webinar with our friends at Free Speech for People to discuss the importance of using an intersectional lens within the Pro-Democracy and Amendment Movement is TODAY,Thursday, March 29!

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The goal of the webinar is to give activists who are involved in passing the 28th Amendment, or who are involved more broadly in democracy reform, tools to make our movement more intersectional and inclusive by focusing on connecting with, learning from, supporting and building with communities marginalized by systems of oppression.

The presenters will share some general tips, and share resources that our organizations have developed to address these issues. The individuals on this call all have insight to intersectional and anti-oppression based organizing and have created content to approach issues with this lens. 

This call is in collaboration with a variety of organizations including United for a Fair Economy, Mass Trans Political Coalition (MTPC), Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice, and more. 

We can't wait to share this space with you! 

Thursday, March 29th webinar - Register
2pm Hawaii / 4pm Alaska / 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain /
7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

Hope to see you there!