Kids Don't Belong in Cages

Every day immigrant kids are suffering from inhumane conditions created by the Trump administration. And every day we're handing out 2 million dollars to for-profit companies to run concentration camps. It costs $250 per day to house a migrant child at a standard federal-run, permanent shelter, but at an influx facility where they are crammed, the cost is triple that--$750 per day! These companies are making large campaign contributions and influencing politics with money ($4.4 million in 2018)-- overwhelmingly to Republican candidates. Moreover, these companies are NOT subject to federal open records laws, constitutional requirements, administrative law, civil service requirements, and other legal checks that apply to federal entities.

With that money we could:
Reunite families
Provide them with education
Provide them with Healthcare
Provide them a deluxe guest room at the Trump International
Hotel in Washington, D.C. (only $675)

Join the Move to Amend Coalition and put an end to this form of corporate greed and influence!