Stampede Tour Host Checklist

Event Checklist

This is a list of things to think about in preparing a workshop for the Stampede to Amend tour.


___ Before publicity: make sure that the date and time do not conflict with related events.
___ General media: Newspapers, Radio, Cable, TV
___ Targeted media: Agency newsletters, Church bulletins, Schools, etc.
___ Word of mouth to friends and co-workers

___ Flyers, brochures
___ Emails to targeted populations

Room requirements and arrangements

___ Make sure that date and time do not conflict with other events at the facility
___ Reservation confirmed
___ Arrangement for key(s)
___ Adequate space
___ Right number of tables
___ Right number of chairs

___ Projector that can connect to an Apple computer
___ Projector screen
___ Adequate lighting
___ Temperature control and ventilation
___ Access to restrooms
___ Access to refrigeration (if necessary for food)
___ Access to Parking
___ Trash-cans
___ Coat racks

Information to Send Participants

___ Time
___ Address and directions to building and room
___ Parking facilities
___ What to bring (food? forms? notebook?)
___ What to wear
___ Smoking policy
___ What will be provided (coffee? juice? snacks?)
___ Agenda
___ Number to call if problems or questions
___ Facilities for those who are disabled?
___ Whether or not reservations/RSVP are required, and if so, by when

What to bring

___ Key(s)
___ Handouts (including extras)
___ Extra pencils/pens
___ Watch or Clock

___ Whiteboard / Chalkboard / Flip chart & easel
___ Markers and/or chalk
___ Nametags
___ Money, if change needs to be made
___ Arrow signs to point to room
___ Snack food and drink, and cups, napkins, etc.
___ Trash-bags, if needed
___ Roster of attendees if asking for RSVP in advance
___ A copy of this list so you can check off things as you put them away after the event is over.

Room Set-up

___ Registration table
___ Exhibit table(s)
___ Placement of chairs
___ Distribute handouts, nametags, pencils (or have ready at registration table.)

When it's over

___ Evaluations
___ Thank-yous
___ Check off materials as you put them in box
___ Return equipment
___ Take out trash
___ Turn off lights, etc.
___ Return key(s)
___ Pat yourself on the back!

Overnight Lodging

In most cases, our workshop presenters (Ashley and Renae) will need host housing. We would greatly appreciate it if you or a member of your group could provide a room for them. We are depending on your generosity and support to make this tour a success.

Here's what we are looking for at each location:

___ One room with one or two beds (Ashley and Renae are partners and don't mind sharing, if there is enough space for both of them)
___ Cat-free sleeping area (it's OK if you have cats as long as the room is relatively clean and they can't get in during the night)
___ A shower and/or bathtub
___ Close to the location of the workshop (not required, but preferred)
___ Wireless internet (not required, but preferred)
___ A kitchen that is available for food preparation (not required, but preferred)
___ Renae has a gluten allergy, so if you prepare food (which isn't required) please be conscious of this
___ Available laundry facilities (not required, but preferred)
___ Driveway parking (not required, but preferred)

For more information or assistance contact Beatriz Alvarado at (707) 269-0984 or stampede [at]