Trivia! (But not trivial): the KCMTA Citizens United Anniversary Trivia Night

January 21, 2014

Reserve a spot for your team now for:
Trivia! (But not trivial)
The KC Move to Amend
Citizens United Anniversary Trivia Night!
Tues, Jan. 21st , 2014, 6-9 pm
Nica’s Lagniappe, 320 SW Boulevard, KC, MO

Can you answer any of these questions? Then you may be an excellent candidate to compete in our Citizens United Anniversary Trivia Night:

1. What landmark Supreme Court decision was handed down on Jan. 21, 2010, giving corporations more monetary influence on our elections and our government than ever before, and in the name of “free speech”?

2. Who were the original members of Lynrd Skynrd?

3. How much is that doggie in the window?

If you answered Citizens United vs. the FEC to any of the above, then we want your team to sign up today!
-          Answer questions from a variety if categories including sports, music, history and more
-          $100 prize for 1st place team
-          $50 prize for 2nd place team
-          Fabulous prizes for the 3rd place team
-          Up to 5 players per team. $5 entry fee per person.
-          Food and drink specials
-          Spectators welcome, no fee to watch!
-          Any new information you may learn about corporate personhood, the Constitution or the Supreme Court is strictly coincidental!

Reserve your spot by January 14th. Additional teams can be formed on a first-come first-served basis the night of the event. Message us here or call Anne McGregor at (816) 308-8033.

Some questions may come from the following video :) :



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