A Truly Heart-Warming Political Discussion

March 10, 2014

Move To Amend Lake Mills and Rock River Affiliates thank the Lake Mills' L.D. Fargo Public Library for use of their meeting room for the March 7 public discussion with Lori Compas, executive director of the Wisconsin Business Alliance, and Republican Senator Dale Schultz.  I also want to thank the 50 citizens who attended this presentation and engaged in lively discussion.  The tone was one of mutual admiration and respect for the sincerity and collegial efforts of attendees and speakers.

The purpose was to engage local citizens in discussion of the ways in which Big Money in politics negatively impacts our important issues. This is relevant preparation for the April 1 ballot referendum, which will ask City of Lake Mills and Town of Waterloo residents  if they want a U.S. constitutional amendment stating "Corporations are not people and money is not speech," to reverse the effect of the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case.

This was a truly heart-warming political event.  (I never thought there could be such a thing).  It was uplifting to see Democrat and Republican leaders standing side by side answering citizen questions, showing clear appreciation and admiration for each other.  They demonstrated mutual respect for all the citizens with questions, citizens who sometimes had very heated responses to recent legislative discussions and activity.  It was exceptional to see Sen. Schultz attentively listening and courteously responding to a very angry citizen complaining about her perception of unfairness in a legislative hearing.  He reminded us that we were all present for the same reason  –  to get control of politics away from monied interests and back to the people  –  to seek consensual outcomes  –  thus turning around a citizen's response from one of anger at the system to one of agreement that the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Lori Compass said that she researched Move To Amend despite initial skepticism.  Noting how huge corporations are controlling political decisions that hurt small businesses and small corporations as well as individuals, she now fully supports MTA and its goals.  It is not possible to make progress on hundreds of issues and problems because huge corporations and extremely wealthy people are controlling the political agenda.

Senator Schultz said: "We're talking about billionaires turning this country into a Russian-style oligarchy, where there are two dozen billionaires who BUY the whole political process."  Later he commented on how this is enabled:  "People who run for office ...  are pretty good people.  Really.  They really want to change the world  –  at least they start out that way, until they realize that the only way they can stay there is to make the deal with the devil  –  the Faustian bargain.  And then they're hooked."  ... He therefore emphasized how important this constitutional amendment is:  "The reality is, this is so important that we must place it as the number one thing." 

If you live in the City of Lake Mills, Town of Waterloo, or the Cities of Edgerton, Elkhorn, Delavan, Waukesha, or Wauwatosa, or in the Village of Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Waunakee, De Forest, or Belleville, or in the Town of Windsor, please vote "YES" on April 1, to help us regain control of our government that is supposed to be "of, by, and for the People" rather than "of, by, and for the large corporations and extremely wealthy." 

Daniel Fary, Fort Atkinson, for Move To Amend Rock River Affiliate of Jefferson and Walworth County areas

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