Tune in for the Live Report TONIGHT!

May 30, 2018

Tonight at 5PM PT / 8 PM ET for Move to Amend Live!

Join our national director Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap in this interactive monthly report on what’s happening with the Campaign to Legalize Democracy and all things Move to Amend.

We help you stay connected by giving you regular updates, answering your questions, and taking your comments. 

Please tune in and turn on at 5PM PT / 8 PM ET on May 30 for Move to Amend Live.

Some of what we'll be covering tonight:

  • #ThisMonthInCorporateRule --
    • Private company hires actors to play concerned citizens at city council meeting in New Orleans
    • Congress + SCOTUS dismantle workers' ability to collectively sue employers, with another decision to come down any day that will strike another blow to organized labor in the US
    • The Santa Fe High school shooting in Texas
  • Update on our Mayday Budget Shortfall fundraising campaign (have you donated yet? All donations this week will be MATCHED! Pitch in now!)
  • What to expect at the 2nd ever Move to Amend Leadership Summit next week!
  • Move to Amend plans for the summer and beyond, including speaking and conferences
  • Updates from the grassroots
  • And that's not all!

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How to attend?

It's super easy: 
Step 1: Like the Move to Amend fan page. (If you haven't already)
Step 2: Come to this page on Wednesday, May 30 at 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern and the live transmission will start automatically. You don't need to do anything. 
Step 3: If you know other folks who would be interested in learning about Move to Amend, share the video on your FB page, and/or tag your people. 
Step 4: During the transmission, say hello, share where are you from and post your question. 

Will there be a replay? 

Yes, just go back to our FB fan page and scroll down for the play-back. Downside? You won't get your question answered live ;-). We will also post the recording to our YouTube Channel tomorrow if you don't use Facebook. 

Not sure what time the live stream is where you live?

Use this time zone tool to find out. 

See you there!