The Undead Are Among Us

October 29, 2014

On Halloween, ghosts and goblins, spirits and demons, vampires and zombies rise up under the cover of darkness to strike fear into our hearts.

But we should be afraid of the undead — very afraid — every day of the year.

The undead walk among us all the time. They manipulate us and write our public policy — they rule us. They are multinational “corporate persons” with constitutionally protected human rights. Corporations are the undead: they were never born and they never die! Corporate Rule is driving a stake through the heart of our democracy, and that is very scary indeed.

What do YOU think is the scariest thing about Corporate Rule? This week we're holding a contest to find out!

We'll pick one submission for the "scariest thing about Corporate Rule" each day (Oct 28-Oct 31) to create into a meme on Facebook and Twitter. If we pick your suggestion we'll send you a $25 gift certificate to our online store.

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Click here to submit your idea!What scares you: corporations writing legislation

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Happy Halloween!

What scares you: private prisons for profit What scares you: corporate control of media! What scares you: corporations writing legislation