Universalizing Resistance, Democratizing Power

June 10, 2017

The word "democracy" comes from the Greek. Broken down, it means the people (demos) rule (kratia).

The trouble We the People seem to be having is that too many of us think democracy just happens, rather than making democracy happen -- it simply doesn't work that way. The degradation of the American experiment in democracy into early-stage fascism requires democracy movement organizers and supporters to practice democracy with passion, an open mind, in solidarity and with immediacy.

Have you registered for the Democracy Convention yet?  Join us in Minneapolis, August 2 - 6. 

With the Trump Administration steering the ship of state into turbulent domestic waters and churning up the foreign policy sea, people from many communities have moved into the streets to defend the oppressed, resist inhumane policies, and demand a sustainable future. We the People are right to protest -- it's our country, and we can do a lot better. Protesting is good and building democracy is better.

Join the movement to legalize democracy and help build democracy in the US. Register here for Democracy Convention 2017 in Minneapolis, August 2 - 6

With seven different conferences under one roof, there's something for everybody interested in democratizing our institutions and building real participatory democracy. Move to Amend is a convening organization as well as the anchor organization for the Democratizing the Constitution Conference, and we need your participation both during and before the convention.

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Money should not be a factor driving attendance. Fees to register and attend the Democracy Convention are very low to attract students, low-income folks, and others with a desire to build the Democracy Movement. Our goal is to bring as many people to this convention as possible, especially those on the front lines of struggle. 

Register here for Democracy Convention 2017 in Minneapolis, August 2 - 6. Please spread the word through your social network, too. Every voice counts.

We hope the convention, and our conference in particular, will provide what you feel is important in building the Democracy Movement and Democratizing the Constitution. There's only one way to find out; please register today!