Upcoming Toledo Move to Amend Organizing Meeting

August 8, 2012

              *******************************  STATUS  ALERT  ******************************

The next Toledo MTA organizing meeting is now being held at Black Kite Coffee Shop, 2499 Collingwood, Toledo, Ohio!  sorry for the confusion.

Hello Everyone,

We have an organizing meeting this Wednesday [August 8, 5:45PM @ Third Space 137 N. Michigan Street in Toledo].   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Toledo-Move-to-Amend/321159011261386?ref=...

Agenda items:

We will be discussing a Toledo City Council resolution in support of Move to Amend with Councilman Steve Steele, promotion and publicity for a possible council resolution, endorsements and outreach opportunities, and the listserv.

INVITE FRIENDS and bring ideas for grassroot s organizing and spreading our message!

Look forward to seeing you,