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CONFERENCE CALL DISCUSSION: Emergent Fascism In The U.S. - Historical And Current Implications For Social Justice Organizing

February 20, 2017

Join leaders from Move to Amend for a conference call to explore the parallels and differences between the fascist program of the Trump administration and the 1930s and 1940s when fascist rose to power in Europe, as well as American fascism that has been strongest in the U.S. South, since the Civil War. We seek to better understand what lessons we can learn from history, and what strategic adjustments are needed in our fight for democracy and justice to address the current situation.

Press Coverage

Corporate personhood should be our prime target

February 6, 2017

I’ve been musing about the idea of corporate personhood — the campaign by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and others that would grant corporations the basic rights that people have, on the theory that “businesses are, at least legally, not that different from people."

It is this kind of thinking that should be the primary target of people and organizations who want to bring humanity, not money, back to the fore as the ruling force in this country.