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Move to Amend Reports on Intersections between Immigrant Rights and Democracy Movements

July 28, 2016

Move to Amend brings you voices from the movement to amend the Constitution through our weekly podcast. New shows released every Thursday morning!

United We Dream is much more than a lovely thought. It’s a cutting edge organization run by youth for undocumented youth. Ambar Pinto is one such youth coming from Bolivia to the US with her mother at age 12, and now works for United We Dream fighting deportations, and at the intersections of commonality within the undocumented and other oppressed communities. Join us for this eye-opening discussion!

Clinton to Overturn Citizens United? Don't Count on It, But Be Prepared!

July 21, 2016

Citizens United didn't break our campaign finance system; it merely opened the floodgates of money already polluting the broken system. Overturning it won’t fix the root of the problem, and it certainly won’t fix our broken democracy.


Press Coverage

Protests Rage At Day One Of The DNC

July 25, 2016

The pro-Bernie group is having a final hurrah at the DNC in Philadelphia

The growing crowd chants “We are peaceful, we are kind!” and “Feel the Bern!” They wear t-shirts that say “Bernie Sanders is my spirit animal,” and carry signs proclaiming “Education not incarceration” and “Stop the racist drug war.” There are too many of them to count.     

Rediscovering the Art of Democracy

July 18, 2016

Seeking to provide citizens a voice where our political parties fail, the People's Peace and Justice Convention convened over the weekend in Cleveland to create a people's platform ahead of the Republican National Convention. Activists and community organizers gathered to identify issues of economic, political, racial, international, and political justice that both Republican and Democratic leaders fail to address.

"Move to Amend" Calls for Abolishing Corporate Personhood at Syracuse Meeting Tonight

July 12, 2016

Move to Amend is coming to Syracuse to promote ending the practice of allowing corporations to have constitutional rights.  The group feels those viewpoints are tied closely to the power and views of the wealthiest Americans.

Move to Amend is calling for a constitutional amendment to abolish the illegitimate courted-created concept that corporations and other artificial entities have inherited constitutional rights.