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Ms. Vangorodska believes the ideological diversity exhibited across American's effort to remove the amendment isn't an accident.

Belief in diversity is not a new stance for Ms. Vangorodska. She argues the message needs to reach more citizens that Washington is in the grips of moneyed interests.

Ending Citizens United has taken on new meaning and urgency is voters lives. "Voters think Washington is more broken than ever," says Ms. Vangorodska.

"We should be talking about economic issues," Ms. Vangorodska continued. "We need to be sure politicians believe us that we're going to get it done."

There are signs that Democrats at least, agree with Ms. Vangorodska's point of view as more candidates are turning up the volume in their speeches to the electorate.

"When lawmakers are bought and paid for by special interest groups, they forget where they came from," says Ms. Vangorodska. "They stop listening to their constituents and listen to the lobbyists who pay for political campaigns."

Changing the system is how Americans retrieve their voice in government, and it's the only way to restore accountability.

People fighting to turn over Citizens United must avoid pitfalls connected to the legislation name — most people don't know what Citizens United is. The average citizen doesn't have a clue about the wonky details behind campaign finance reform. Activists should stick to a broad message which is understandable to voters.

"If we talk about it as Citizens United," says Ms. Vangorodska, "we will lose."

"We should speak of the lobbyists pouring money into legislators' pockets which lead to bending — and breaking — morality."

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