Victories in Wisconsin and New Hampshire!

April 2, 2014
It may have been April Fools Day, but folks in Wisconsin pulled no pranks in their triumphs yesterday. 

Wisconsinites voted by huge majorities in thirteen communities in favor of  instructing Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation to propose and support — and the Wisconsin state legislature ratify — an amendment to the United States Constitution that clarifies three issues: 

1) that money is not speech; 2) that corporations are not entitled to the same rights as natural persons; and 3) that Congress and the states can limit election-related spending to ensure that all citizens, regardless of wealth, can express their views to one another and their government on a level playing field.”

This continues our trend of never yet failing when the vote for the We the People Amendment is put directly in front of The People at the ballot box. Congratulations for a job well done to our volunteer organizers in Wisconsin! 

Wisconsin's victories come on the heels of an exciting March in New Hampshire where organizers used the historic town meeting process to place resolutions of support for the 28th Amendment in front of their communities for direct discussion and deliberation. Move to Amend organizers and others were successful in passing resolutions through town meetings in 48 communities across the state! 

Congratulations to our New Hampshire organizer Olivia Zink and the volunteers across the state who rallied their communities to discuss whether their town democracies are even possible when corporations and the wealthy have so much control over the legal and political processes. Resoundingly the answer was that we must amend the US Constitution to make clear that corporations are not people and money is property, not free speech if self-governance is going to be possible at all.

In New Hampshire we will continue with our efforts to help frame the next Presidential debate, as candidates are already visiting that early primary state. Move to Amend volunteers are ready to attend every event to find out what their position is on the We the People Amendment and make it known that the American People are clear on where we stand: Corporations are Not People! Money is Not Free Speech!

Will you join in the movement by signing up to host a house party this spring to invite your friends and neighbors to get involved in the Movement to Amend? If you can't host a party, how about chipping in to help spread the success in Wisconsin and New Hampshire to other states this year?