Voters will cast ballots for two local measures

October 5, 2012
Jennifer Poole

Mendocino County [California] voters will see two local measures on their ballots for the November 6 election.

Measure F, the local Move to Amend ballot initiative, would advise the county's state and federal representatives to pass resolutions in favor of a Constitutional amendment establishing that: "1. only human beings and not corporations are endowed with constitutional rights, and 2. money does not constitute speech and therefore political contributions can be regulated."

Move to Amend is a national movement which has gained momentum since the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" ruling in 2010, which overthrew campaign finance regulations restricting independent political expenditures by corporations on First Amendment grounds.

No argument against Measure F appears in the county's voter pamphlet, and there doesn't appear to be any organized opposition. Pro-Measure F volunteers collected 5,561 signatures from voters this spring as part of the process to get Measure F on the ballot.

Measure G would authorize the continued collection by the California Department of Motor Vehicles of a $1 fee on every vehicle registered in Mendocino County ($3 for certain commercial vehicles). The fees fund the removal and disposal of abandoned vehicles or vehicle parts on public and private property in Mendocino County.

The fees must be reauthorized every 10 years. Supervisors voted to continue the fees last year, but the county's legal department advised that, thanks to Proposition 26, passed statewide in November 2010, the fee could be considered a tax and must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the people.

No arguments for or against Measure G appear in the county's voter pamphlet.

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