We have 80% of our signatures! Please help us get it on the ballot

We have 80% of the Move To Amend Ukiah Signatures!
May 14, 2012

HURRAH!!! We are 80% to our goal of signatures, and have passed the bare
minimum number! We still need to gather 1000 more signatures to cover any
disqualified signatures or duplicates. HELP US GET THIS ON THE BALLOT!
Make sure to sign the petition, endorse the campaign for our literature,
give us a donation, or donate your time. Abolishing corporate personhood
will be a major step toward restoring the current topsy turvy political
climate back to a government by, of, and for the People.

To get involved: our contact information is in the column on the right.
Make checks payable to: Move to Amend - Ukiah
 and mail them to: PO Box 1133, Ukiah, CA 95482.