We need 1,946 brave souls

July 24, 2018

Truth be told, we would be happy to shut up shop. That's our goal after all.

There will be no need for Move to Amend after we pass the We the People Amendment and begin building the democracy we were promised and deserve. In the meantime though, we are really happy to still be here fighting for justice and against corporate rule.

For the entire month of May, Move to Amend executed an aggressive fundraising campaign to raise enough funds to keep our metaphorical doors open. The amazing and gratifying news is that, thanks to the generosity of many of you, we achieved our goal of $150,000 and filled our fundraising gap!

A significant amount of these funds came from individual donations, but our biggest success was to sign up dozens and dozens of new monthly sustainers.

At the end of April, I wasn't sure if Move to Amend would survive through June.

On the whole, we maintain plenty of spirit, gumption, and get-up and go, but by virtue of being a truly independent grassroots organization, raising funds has always been a struggle.

We are doing very well on the organizing front, but it's clear that it's time to up our game on financial stability and sustainability.

The budget shortfall experience has been many things for us but at the top of the list, it has been educational. We had many conversations among staff, board, donors, volunteers, affiliate members and other parties to not only figure out how we could reach our funding goal but also, how we can ensure we are never in that position again. These conversations will continue going forward, but one thing is clear:

There are more than enough of us to collectively support our work, if we each chip in what we can afford. Surely advancing democracy, justice, and community is worth a small sacrifice each month, considering what we all stand to lose if Move to Amend should fail. Click here to become a monthly sustainer!

Move to Amend’s work is critical, we know it and you do as well, or else you would not be receiving this email. We remain committed to our values:

  • Accountability and responsibility, both personally and organizationally
  • Transparency
  • Community
  • Movement building
  • Dedication to winning the We the People Amendment and ending corporate personhood and getting money out of politics
  • Commitment to anti-oppression within ourselves, communities, work places, policies, and representation

We have a national staff and board that work together to create the overall direction of the organization, but our focus is to work with you, as part of our community, to be a part of the democracy movement.

Your involvement either as a volunteer, petition signer, or donor, shows your commitment to our values as well. You are who makes Move to Amend work. You are who makes Move to Amend matter. And you can be who makes Move to Amend win the fight!

Currently we have 704 sustainers. Their support helped pull Move to Amend out of our financial hole. To ensure we are never in that hole again, at this rate we need 1,946 more monthly sustainers at $15/month or more to help us cover our monthly budget. Click here to become a monthly sustainer.

The number seems daunting, but you know what?

So was the $150,000 we needed to raise in May and we did it, thanks to folks like you, Garrett. That's just one thing that is so remarkable about the Move to Amend community: we generally accomplish what we set out to do.

We need your assistance on an ongoing basis. If you donated in May but did not become a monthly sustainer, why not now? All you have to do is go to our website and sign up; it takes less than 3 minutes.

If you already give monthly, THANK YOU! Will you forward this email to your friends and family with a request that they join you and pitch in monthly too?

Today is the day to back up your commitment to end corporate power by becoming a monthly supporter of Move to Amend!

Sign up to become a monthly sustainer and help us continue our mission to end corporate constitutional rights, money as protected political speech, and to transfer political power to We the People!

In it to win it,

P.S. We need 1,946 people to step up and join our monthy giving program to become a sustainable organization for the long haul. We hear from you every day that there's no issue more important than getting corporations out of our government -- please become a monthly donor today to keep this movement going strong!