We the People Listen 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013 to Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nationwide Community Canvass Campaign and Listening Project

Take Move to Amend to your neighborhood with a door-knocking effort to learn about what's important to your community and connect our issues with their concerns.

Check out our campaign kickoff webinar recording to learn all the details:

If you are planning to participate, please be sure to let us know so that we include you in all updates and information - click here to confirm you are participating.

2013 Goals

  • Learn what's important to our communities and engage them to find out what they think about issues of democracy and corporate power.
  • Build relationships and trust in our community.
  • Grow capacity and organizing skills of Move to Amend and our local groups.
  • Grow support and number of petition signatures from diverse communities.
  • Collect survey responses from 10,000 people!

Campaign Outline

1. Hold Kickoff Meeting & Training to set campaign plan for your group and community and get prepared. (Between July 17-August 6)

2. Canvass 6-8 times between August 10-November 11.

3. Hold monthly meeting to discuss how campaign is going and train new people

4. Monthly campaign conference call with MTA National to share how campaign is going and debrief with other participants from across the country (see below for dates).

5. Local Press to Announce Launch and Results

6. National Press to Announce Launch and Results

Survey Questions

1.  Do you feel like you are negatively affected by the power of giant corporations? [If they say yes, ask them why/how so?]

2. What do you believe are the 3 biggest problems in this country?

3. What do you think we should do to solve these problems?

4. How could we put these solutions into place?

5. Do you think corporations and their influence on our government are preventing these solutions from being used?

6. Would you be interested in joining a group of people fighting for justice and against too much corporate power?

7. Do you have any questions for us?

Important Campaign Roles

1. Meeting Facilitator(s): responsible for preparing agendas, sending meeting reminders and running meetings.

2. Canvass Captains: responsible for managing canvass days by reminding people of their shifts in advance, determing if canvass days need to be re-scheduled on account of weather and letting everyone know, bringing supplies to the canvass, conducting trainings in the field, collecting survey responses and getting them to Data Captains.

3. Data Captains: responsible for compiling and transmitting data to Move to Amend National within one week of each canvass day.

4. Canvassers: responsible for representing MTA in the community by being friendly, interested in what people have to say and able to answer questions. Also responsible for recording people's survey responses and getting them to Captains.

Conference Call Dates

To First Wednesday of each month at 5:00pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern.

Calls with MTA National and Campaign Participants to share how campaign is going and debrief with other participants from across the country.

  • August 7 -- check in post training, before you go out - call recording
  • September 4 -- debrief your first canvass day(s) - call recording
  • October 2 -- debrief on how its going - call recording
  • November 6 -- evaluation - call recording
  • December 4 -- discuss final results and plans for 2014