We The People Listen Project

August 17, 2013

Move to Amend

We the People Listen
Nationwide Community Canvass Campaign and Listening Project Training
August 17th
November 11th
Take Move to Amend to your neighborhood with a door-knocking effort to learn about what's important to your community and connect our issues with their concerns.  When we collected signatures for our Advisory Question, many people did not know about Citizens United and the consequences of letting corporations, millionaires and billionaires donate as much as they want to Super PACs.  We want to know what our neighbors think about democracy and corporate power.  Nationwide MTA has a goal of listening to 10,000 people over three months.
Check out the webinar recording that explains the project in more detail.
You can also call Kaye Gamble at 630-975-8326 for more information.




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