We the People ... not We the Corporations

January 16, 2014
Norman Aulabaugh

To the Brodhead Free Press:

January 21 is the 4th anniversary of the Citizens United decision. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that corporate spending on elections cannot be limited. In essence, they said corporations are people and money is speech. Campaign finance reform went out the window. Washington, we have a problem! Corporations, including unions and non-profits, can now give virtually unlimited money to political campaigns.

Unlimited campaign spending allows corporations to influence our elections. We end up with politicians who respond to corporate interests, not ours. Legislation, some of it even written by corporations, is rammed through in Madison without any public hearings.

The solution to the problem is to amend our constitution so corporations are not considered people. Wisconsin Move to Amend, WIMTA.org, is working to get Wisconsin to join sixteen states that have already passed legislation calling for an amendment to our constitution. Twenty-seven Wisconsin municipalities have already passed resolutions calling for our representatives in Madison to add Wisconsin to the growing list of States calling for an amendment.

Assembly Joint Resolution 50 has been introduced into the Wisconsin Legislature calling for the question to be presented in an advisory election to the voters in Wisconsin. The bill is stuck in committee. A call to your representatives in Madison can help move this bill forward.

If we fail to act, the preamble to our constitution will soon read, “We the Corporations” instead of “We the People.”

Norman Aulabaugh

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