We Won't Kill The Dog

June 1, 2018

Are you familiar with this infamous 1973 magazine cover? 

The cover caused circulation numbers to skyrocket; people bought it just to stop the publisher from killing the dog. That particular dog was under no real threat back then, but today's dogs are in a sorry predicament thanks to human fed catastrophic climate change and the corporate controlled governments ruling the world.

If you contribute now, you'll get twice the bang for your buck and Move to Amend will continue in our fight against corporate rule. No threats, no dead dogs, no problem! Please click here.

We started out May $150,000 in the hole. We've almost dug ourselves out of it thanks to the 1,498 Move to Amend of you who have pitched in. But there's still $14,228 in play...

Five donors have offered to match every contribution up to $40,000 as part of this funding drive. They've let us extend the challenge through Sunday, and if we cannot raise the remaining money, we will be leaving money on the table. We're more than a little shy of reaching our funding goal and getting back to the business of organizing and saving dogs' (and human!) lives from corporate rule! Please click here to contribute.

In the past month, we have met with, phoned, and sent email messages, texts, and letters to our supporters describing the serious situation in which we find ourselves. While things are definitely looking up -- to stay viable, to keep organizing at the grassroots level (where it really counts), to stay on plan, we will need to develop a more sustainable funding model, which will be coming forward out of a shared process in the months to come.

Right now, we need to raise the remaining $14,228 to meet the $40K challenge and collect the full pledge. Click here to contribute.

Given the funding, and thus the opportunity, we will happily kill off corporate constitutional rights. Our track record proves that Move to Amend knows how to build for the win. The size and influence of our small staff, national team, and grassroots volunteers combined with our annual budget are proof enough of the power, energy, and smarts that exist within this community.

As we work to build the democracy movement and pass the We the People Amendment resistance against us will grow. We have the right stuff needed to persevere and win. In Move to Amend, we have all volunteered for the huge responsibility of amending the Constitution by passing the We the People Amendment and building real transformative democracy.

We only lack the funding. Please contribute here and help us raise the remaining $14,228 by the $40K challenge deadline of midnight Sunday.

Thank you!

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, George Friday, Laura Bonham, Tara Ingram, Daniel Lee, and Leila Roberts
Move to Amend Board of Directors

P.S. Please throw us the biggest bone you can afford and help us meet the challenge-- before it expires on Sunday!