This is What Democracy Tastes Like

October 23, 2017

Sweet red strawberries covered with creamy white chocolate and dazzling blue sprinkles... What a perfect treat to offer at your upcoming Move to Amend Houseparty!

 This fall we invite you to host a Move to Amend houseparty and treat your guests to delicious Move to Amend chocolate covered strawberries while they join you in a meaningful conversation about ending corporate rule.

 House parties are fun way to inform others about corporate personhood and Big Money in politics and raise funds for Move to Amend!

During the party, you’ll get to mingle with guests and talk about why you're passionate about Move to Amend. You can show and discuss our Legalize Democracy film, or invite a speaker from our National Team to join you for an online Q&A session with your guests.

We’ll provide you with all the Move to Amend materials that you need to host the party. We’ll also equip you with skills and resources, including a houseparty webinar, to help you plan for your party. 

 Houseparties play an incredibly important role for Move to Amend. The funds raised certainly help us accomplish the goals laid out in our strategic plan, but that’s just one of the many reasons why houseparties are so important.

Houseparties are a chance for you to share up front and in person about why this issue is such a great threat to our democracy. Your relationship with your family and friends gives you the unique ability to explain corporate personhood with stories and examples that they can relate to. This is why we need YOU to host a house party.

Visit our Houseparty web page or email me at Lydia [at] ((link sends e-mail)) for more info or to get started on planning your very own party.