What Sets Us Apart

December 28, 2012

Dear Friends,

We know you are receiving many year-end appeals right now. We also know that you realize how imperative it is that we grow a mass movement to demand an amendment to the Constitution.

We’re asking you to make a year-end, tax-deductible donation to support Move to Amend, because our coalition is different from the other organizations working on this issue:

  • We are not a single organization with competing programs – we are a broad coalition of many organizations that has come together to build a grassroots movement to make real the promise of American democracy. In 2012 our volunteers proved our ability to reach everyday Americans by passing nearly 200 resolutions calling for an amendment in communities across the US through the ballot initiative process.
  • We are the only organization that has pledged to you that we will not compromise on this amendment. We will only support proposals that go to the root of the problem: getting all artificial entities out of the Constitution for good (that means corporations, unions, PACs, non-profits like Citizens United, etc), and making clear that spending money in elections is not free speech, so that wealthy individuals cannot continue to buy our political process. A partial amendment that only overturns Citizens United or that only addresses money in politics will not fix our republic.
  • We do not have a multi-million dollar budget. Those who run large foundations and finance band-aid “solutions” do not fund Move to Amend. We rely on grassroots support from people like you because that’s the only way to stay true to the kind of systemic change that’s needed. Most of our staffing is volunteer labor, by people who will be doing this work whether it is trendy or not. Your donation will go further with Move to Amend.
  • We are committed to empowering the grassroots. We prioritize support and resources for local Move to Amend organizers – many of them new to activism – so that they can reach out to people face-to-face. This movement won’t be successful because of lobbyists or staffers in Washington DC, it will be because we have empowered millions of Americans to get involved in the stake of our country.

Through webinars, regional gatherings and in-person trainings, we are ensuring that our activists have the skills and resources to reach their fellow citizens. In 2012 it paid off with hundreds of thousands of Americans voting for our ballot measures, and we will continue to prioritize our grassroots focus in 2013.

For our coalition and our supporters, 2012 was a banner year. At a time in our nation’s history marked by economic and social stress, Move to Amend stayed focused on our goal and met with success, thanks entirely to the investment—both physical and financial—of supporters like you.

Please make a year-end tax-deductible donation to ensure the continued growth of the movement to amend in 2013.

Thank you!

Ashley Sanders, Ben Manski, Daniel Lee, David Cobb, Egberto Willies, Jerome Scott, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Laura Bonham, Leesa "George" Friday, Nancy Price, Stephen Justino

PS – Find out what’s to come in 2013 and how you can get involved! Register now for our Webinar on January 9 to hear about our projects and campaigns for the New Year and how you can join the movement to amend.