Why The World Needs Move To Amend

May 7, 2018

Almost every social justice issue out there is impacted by the power of large corporations. Corporations are able to use the Constitutional protections meant for We the People to escape accountability and thwart our attempts to protect communities, people and the plant from harm. 

Climate change, massive incarceration, pollution, worker safety, health care, education, war, wealth disparity... all of these issues and many more have a nexus with corporate power and big money. When we pass the We the People Amendment we will be able to actually solve them -- and potentially only by passing the We the People Amendment will that be possible.  

That's why we don't think it is hyperbole to say that the World Needs Move to Amend and it would be a tragedy if our movement folded, especially because of something so fixable as a a financial shortfall.  

Join us for tonight's webinar to learn more about Why the World Needs Move to Amend to solve all these issues and more.

A crisis of democracy is at the root of nearly all our problems -- unless We the People have the power to make our government listen to us, we won't get anywhere. And until corporations are unable to wield the Constitution against us, and big money is not drowning out our voices, we are stuck.

Join our webinar tonight to learn more (if tonight's event doesn't work for your schedule you can choose one of the other date options listed, or sign up for today's event and plan to watch the recording that we will send everyone who registers).

Why the World Needs Move to Amend Webinar
Monday, May 7
5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern


I hope you'll join us tonight -- the world needs you to support this movement!

P.S. Exactly 50 more people donated yesterday, bringing our fundraising tally up to $42,209 towards our $150,000 goal before the end of the month. Thank you! If you haven't yet pitched in, please donate today!