The call for an amendment grows stronger with every passing election...

April 8, 2014

As of April 1st, 2014; 41 communities in Wisconsin stand officially in support of an amendment protecting the constitutional rights of people, allowing regulation of money in order to work to limit bribery and undue influence in our elections.  The errors of an activist federal court must be undone for the people to retain their voice in our representative republic.

In addition, 16 state legislatures have called for an amendment along with well over 500 communities nationwide. 

Press Coverage

Move to Amend Representative Recruits Students to Change Constitution

April 11, 2014

Wisconsin is aiming to become the 17th state to pass a resolution in favor of amending the constitution. Move To Amend, a nationwide coalition, is leading this pursuit and focusing specifically on overturning Citizens United.

Currently, the US government recognizes corporations with Constitutional rights and privileges. Move To Amend describes this as equating money to political speech under the First Amendment. With Constitutional rights, corporations’ vastly exceeding resources undermine the voices of individual citizens.

Milwaukee County Might Have Second Chance at Move To Amend

April 10, 2014

On Thursday, a resolution was introduced by Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan that would put the Move to Amend referendum on the November ballot.  The resolution passed through committee today and will appear before the entire County Board on April 24th.

This is not the first go around for the Move to Amend referendum in Milwaukee County.

Voters OK Move to Amend, Will Village Board?

April 9, 2014

Waunakee voters overwhelmingly supported passage of a village board resolution favoring campaign finance reform last week.

But whether the Waunakee Village Board will actually adopt a resolution supporting passage of an amendment to the United States Constitution remains unclear.

In a voice mail message to the Tribune, Village President John Laubmeier noted that the Move to Amend resolution would probably appear on a board meeting agenda for debate in the near future.