Salt Lake City Move to Amend

Date Established: 

February 2012

Move to Amend Salt Lake secured a tremendous victory in September 2013. By a 9-1 margin in a new City Opinion Question process, Salt Lake voters supported a 28th amendment to end corporate personhood and the influence of money in politics.

As residents of one of only four states that have no restrictions on corporate contributions, we are uniquely positioned to make meaningful reforms locally. Our City Council Working Group meets regularly within our current campaign for a city-wide ban on direct corporate contributions to political candidates, and to reduce the contribution limits for individuals to $500. We encourage you to join us at our meetings, or participate by meeting your City Council representative, writing newspaper letters to the editor, handing out flyers at related events, etc.

Move to Amend Salt Lake is also teaming up with Peaceful Uprising to launch The People's Listening Project this summer and fall. We'll be traveling through the city in a mobile cafe to collect people's stories on how inequality has effected their lives, to hear about the issues that people care about, and to work together towards social justice for all. To get involved, see the People's Listening Project Facebook page.


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