Move to Amend Tuscaloosa

Date Established: 

September 2014

Since the departure of our wonderful leaders, Jim and Nancy Price, our Tuscaloosa affiliate has been working hard to keep things on track by working on outreach. Here, Sharon Freeman (left) is helping collect signatures in support of Move to Amend at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market, October 2019. Our affiliate has been active since 2014 and we are proud to continue the work to end corporate persohood and support the We The People Amendment to the Constitution.


Kiki Karatheodoris

205-331-4594 (please leave a message) or contact our email at:

tuscaloosa [at]


Press Coverage

Alabama Rising

June 23, 2016

As we head into a general election year, Jim Price, Co-Chair of “Move to Amend Tuscaloosa”, a group dedicated to election and campaign finance reform, says that communities need to get involved in electoral politics.