We the People, Not We the Corporations

On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government. Human beings are people; corporations are legal fictions.

We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

The Supreme Court is misguided in principle, and wrong on the law. In a democracy, the people rule.

We Move to Amend.

". . . corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires. Corporations help structure and facilitate the activities of human beings, to be sure, and their 'personhood' often serves as a useful legal fiction. But they are not themselves members of “We the People” by whom and for whom our Constitution was established."

             ~Supreme Court Justice Stevens, January 2010


Build Solidarity with Unions this Labor Day

August 7, 2018

Labor Day is a terrific opportunity for Move to Amenders to make personal and issue connections with members of labor unions.

Many fundamental rights and protections of working people (e.g. the weekend, 8-hour work day, collective bargaining, end of child labor, employer-based health coverage, workplace safety) came into being because working people organized powerful movements that created positive change.

Since Move to Amend is also organizing a powerful movement to create real change -- our constitutional amendment to abolish corporate rights and money considered free speech -- connecting with labor unions and the working people they represent makes perfect strategic sense. 

The movement to amend needs all kinds of folks

August 2, 2018

To amend the Constitution we need a movement that is broad and deep -- and we need to reach all kinds of people...

Move to Amend is as grassroots as they come, which is why we are always looking for ways to engage folks -- in real life. We aren't the kind of group that just asks you to sign online petitions or donate money and then acts like that will bring about systemic change -- no way!

One of the ways we engage and organize is through our caucuses. We currently have four sector caucuses and we'd like to invite you to check them out.

For the right amount, Darth Vader will be your best friend!

August 1, 2018

How much money did you donate to the 2016 election?

Probably less than $1.4 billion, right? Well, no wonder you get minimum representation in Washington!

SuperPACs and secret money groups, hidden behind official-sounding donation committees, invested that amount, and now all their dreams are coming true. As Move to Amend continues to work to pass the We the People Amendment, which includes two parts: corporations are NOT people and money is NOT speech, a new coalition is working together to pass the new DISCLOSE Act. 


We need 1,946 brave souls

July 24, 2018

Truth be told, we would be happy to shut up shop. That's our goal after all.

There will be no need for Move to Amend after we pass the We the People Amendment and begin building the democracy we were promised and deserve. In the meantime though, we are really happy to still be here fighting for justice and against corporate rule.

For the entire month of May, Move to Amend executed an aggressive fundraising campaign to raise enough funds to keep our metaphorical doors open. The amazing and gratifying news is that, thanks to the generosity of many of you, we achieved our goal of $150,000 and filled our fundraising gap!

A significant amount of these funds came from individual donations, but our biggest success was to sign up dozens and dozens of new monthly sustainers.