Move to Amend Petition: Help Grow the Movement!

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Share the petition with your contacts by email or through social media.

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If you're tabling, demonstrating, or hosting an event, you can sign people on to the Move to Amend call for action by downloading and printing our petition.

--> Click here for a PDF of our petition to print and collect signatures in your community.

You'll notice a square computer generated code on the top of the paper petition. This is called a Quick Response Code. If folks you're asking to sign have a smart phone they can use a QR Code App and point their phone at the image - they will instantly be taken to our petition page online where they can sign up directly via their phone. This saves you time so you don't have to type up their information.

When you're petitioning, ask if folks have smart phones and encourage them to sign the petition online via the QR Code. Just make sure they do it on the spot rather than saving it for later because they're likely to forget.

You can also have your folks use their phone to text the word SIGN to 1-707-656-4019 and they will be signed up that way -- super easy!

What to Do With Completed Petitions

First of all, thanks so much for your support and help spreading the word!

We have a volunteer who comes in once a week to enter in paper petitions, but she often has a big back log so we ask folks to enter the names in a spreadsheet and email it to us to ensure that folks will be adding quickly.

Please submit petitions to us online using the spreadsheet template and web form here:

If this isn't something you can do please send them to:

Move to Amend
P.O. Box 188617
Sacramento CA 95818.

We really appreciate it when folks can help us out by doing the data entry on the petitions!!

If you are an approved Affiliate, use the spreadsheet template above and then upload your spreadsheet directly into the Move to Amend database via your account. Contact your Affiliate Coordinator if you are unclear on how to do this.