Move to Amend Action Campaigns

Move to Amend's strategy to build the movement is grassroots action! Join us in these exciting efforts to mobilize your community and educate the public about corporate personhood and our campaign to amend the US Constitution.

House Parties for Democracy

Help spread the word about Move to Amend and raise funds to support the campaign!

Use our mini documentary about Move to Amend, called "Legalize Democracy".
This film is a 30 minute explanation of why we need an amendment to the Constitution to make clear that corporations are not people and money is not speech. It is fast-paced, educational, and inspirational! It is the perfect "entertainment" for your party, and will give your friends a great introduction for why you support Move to Amend, and why they should too!

500,000 Signatures

Help us collect support from half a million Americans by December 31, 2014!

Collecting petitions is an effective outreach mechanism. It helps spread the word and educates more and more people about our campaign.

Pledge to Resist McCutcheon v. FEC

In McCutcheon v. Federal Elections Commission, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to uphold a law that says that no one person can contribute over $123,000 directly to federal candidates, parties, and committees (that’s over twice the average American’s income).

We don’t need the Court to do any more damage to our democracy. Shaped by the Court’s past decisions, the current system of campaign finance already allows a tiny percentage of wealthy Americans to dominate our elections and political process.

New Hampshire Campaign: Framing the 2016 National Election Now

2016 Presidential candidates are already visiting New Hampshire, soliciting support for their campaigns due to the state having such an early primary.

We have the opportunity to make ending corporate personhood and getting big money out of politics central to the next national election.

We will do that in three ways from October 2013-Spring 2014:

1) Pass Move to Amend resolutions in 30-50 New Hampshire towns through town meetings this spring. This will put our issue out in front of the public and the media.

2) Target Presidential candidates directly. Everywhere they go, we will be there, asking whether they support our amendment to the Constitution. This is called Bird-dogging and it gets our issue into the campaign discussion and public spotlight. Not many will soon forget Mitt Romney's "...but corporations are people, my friend" gaff which happened because Move to Amend activists targeted him at an Iowa state fair.

3) Start local Move to Amend groups. We have 150+ groups across the country but none yet in New Hampshire. Time to turn that around!