Move to Amend Action Campaigns

Move to Amend's strategy to build the movement is grassroots action! Join us in these exciting efforts to mobilize your community and educate the public about corporate personhood and our campaign to amend the US Constitution.

Birddogging 2019-2020

Move to Amend is Getting Out There To Birddog This Election Season!

Candidates will be on the road and we're going to be making sure they know that passing the #WeThePeopleAmendment is a critical issue that they need to take a stand on.

What is Birddogging?

Bird dogging is a tactic where we go to where the candidates and elected officials are and get them on record answering our questions about the issues that matter to us.


The Problem

On October 14, Senator Bernie Sanders released the boldest anti-corruption plan of any candidate so far - by a longshot. We could not be more excited about:

  • Ending the influence of corporations over the Democratic National Committee (DNC)

  • Banning advertising during presidential primary debates

  • Instituting a lifetime lobbying ban for former members of Congress and senior staffers

500,000 Signatures

Help us collect support from half a million Americans by December 31, 2019!

Collecting petitions is an effective outreach mechanism. It helps spread the word and educates more and more people about our campaign.

J21 Sit-Ins

Within any Movement for justice there comes a time when the People must employ civil disobedience. From the Salt March to the Lunch Counter Sit-Ins, history confirms the words of Frederick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

Approaching 2020 and one of the most important elections in US history, it’s time to be clear about where we stand, and to demand the same from our Representatives.

Barnstorming Tours in 2020

In the tradition of the mighty Populist Movement, Move to Amend's experienced and acclaimed speakers travel the country, spreading the word about the campaign to amend the Constitution and inspiring action!

Our speakers give rousing talks, telling the story of the American creation myth and the Constitution as it pertains to Corporate Personhood and illegitimate but legal corporate constitutional rights, followed by about an hour of facilitated discussion / Q and A.