Caucuses and Working Groups

Interfaith Caucus

Many religions believe that only God/Goddess/The Divine/Spirit can endow a living being with inherent and inalienable rights. Certainly no religion or spiritual practice teaches that artificial entities and inanimate things have inherent and inalienable rights.

How much more powerful can this movement be when thousands and then millions of us come together in outrage about the violation corporate action causes to our most cherished beliefs, values, principles and doctrines?

Art & Culture Caucus

Artists and cultural workers play a crucial role in social change. Art tells truths, frames history, sets norms, reflects a current moment, and is a voice of We The People. As corporate control threatens our health, safety, sovereignty, and communities, it threatens our culture.  Move to Amend has a large base of supporters who are interested in creative activism. There are dancers, musicians, painters, graphic artists, choreographers, poets, emcees, cartoonists, playwrights, singers, authors and artists of all kinds doing work to resist and make change.

Move to Amend is building an Arts and Culture Caucus to capture the creativity and talent we have seen in our supporters, and to build a network of artists and cultural workers who feel strongly that corporate control has co-opted our culture, and want to do something about it.

Labor Caucus

Organized labor is a key constituency who we want to understand and support the We the People Amendment. Labor is the only organized group that has consistently stood for worker's rights over corporate rights. While the We the People Amendment will also affect labor unions as well as for-profit corporations, the amendment passage is critical to help working families struggling to make ends meet.

The goal of Move to Amend's Labor Caucus is to support our volunteer organizers in their efforts to build relationships with organized labor and securing organized labor support of the We The People Amendment.