Move to Amend Reports on Journalism, Whistleblowers, and the Military-Industrial Complex

December 1, 2016

Move to Amend Reports connects you with activists and organizers working on the frontlines of the democracy movement, to bring you the lowdown on corporate rule, corporate personhood, and money as speech.

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It’s hard to ignore the power of military-industrial complex in the United States: our government spends more than HALF of the national budget on the military, awarding trillions of dollars in military contracts to private corporations which then spend hundreds of billions lobbying Congress to increase that military spending. The connections between corporate oligarchy and the US military are rarely explored within “mainstream” Corporate-Owned News, which will often defend the American war economy with nationalist propaganda while coordinating attacks against anyone who would expose or criticize the dangerous relationship between corporate power and the military.

“Made Love, Got War” is how journalist, author, media critic, and activist Norman Solomon describes the military-industrial complex in his book by the same name. Solomon’s lifetime in journalism and anti-war activism have combined to provide his readers with accurate and responsible reporting and analysis. Don’t miss the conclusion of our enlightening discussion about the future of democracy and the fates of whistleblowers and anti-war advocates with one of the country’s foremost independent journalists and experienced activists.

To learn more about Norman's work, visit Roots Actions and the Institute for Public Accuracy.

Move to Amend Reports is hosted by Laura Bonham and Egberto Willies. Executive producer is Keyan Bliss. Production team is Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Keyan Bliss, Laura Bonham, Egberto Willies and Renee Babcock.