Manasota Move to Amend

Date Established: 

June 2014

The local Move to Amend affiliate for Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Florida.

The Manasota Move to Amend Affiliate is working under the umbrella of the Peace Education and Action Center.  This group is continuing and expanding on the great work done by SAFE (Sarasota Alliance for Fair Elections), a partner affiliate since September 2011.


Manasota Move to Amend and Action Together Suncoast have joined forces to plan a joint action to challenge the growing corporatocracy in our country. The March for Democracy on Saturday, January 20, 2018 will mark the eighth anniversary of Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court and the one year anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington.   March with us on Saturday, January 20th to call for a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United and end corporate personhood.  At the March, we’ll be highlighting how corporate control is impacting decisions being made that affect our environment, our education system, our communication systems, our health care system, and our tax system. 

Our final planning meeting will be on Friday, January 12 at 10am at the Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center.    We encourage you to send a representative to the meeting so you can have input into the planning process and help to share information about the March with your membership.

Other upcoming events:

Monday, January 15, 11am-4pm - MLK Celebration in the Park - Volunteers needed -

Monday, January 15, 6pm - Sign Making for March for Democracy at Fogartyville

Monday, January 15, 7pm - Ending Corporate Rule & the Influence of Big Money in Politics by Building a REAL Democracy Movement   

The influence of money in elections and corporations are decimating education, health care, elections, the economy, the justice system, the environment and the right of We the People to decide. And it will worsen until we build an authentic, diverse, democracy movement that works to end corporate constitutional rights and the doctrine that money is equal to free speech. but which also includes changing laws and rules that have historically oppressed people and communities.

Join us in Sarasota with Move to Amend National Leadership Team member George Friday to learn more about the history of corporate power and the movement to end corporate constitutional rights, get money out of politics and create real democracy.

Volunteers Needed:

Friday, January 19, 5:30-8pm - LED Light Brigade - volunteers needed:


Press Coverage

Defend Democracy Conference

February 4, 2017

The Unitarian Universalist congregation in Venice has endorsed Move To Amend and they mean it! Kindra Muntz pulled together a fantastic conference in Venice. Participants arrived from all over Southwest Florida. Arlene Sweeting and Diane Desenberg of the Manasota Move To Amend team were both presenters. During the conference, participants had a chance to get together in small groups to discuss what they could do locally to help defend our democracy.

Public Comment with the Manatee County Commissioners

June 9, 2016

Manasota Move To Amend pressed forward with the Manatee Board of County Commissioners during the Public Comment period of their June 7 meeting.  Jaime Canfield, William Dennison, Mary Sheppard, and Frank Dellert took to the podium to catalog some of the problems associated with corporate power from a local perspective. This was their second attempt to speak.  On May 24, a group of Move To Amend supporters did not get a chance to speak due to a large group that monopolized the microphone. They persevered and returned two weeks later.

MLK Day Observed on the Suncoast

January 18, 2016

"It is shameful on this celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. that we have to begin with a statement that black lives matter," said David Cobb with Move to Amend, a nonprofit organization that says their aim is to restructure society so everyone experiences their human rights. "Because of course that's true, but yet our racist country conduct itself as if it's not true."