Mass Climate Actions + Mass Constitutional Actions = Saving the Planet

September 12, 2019

The Youth Climate Strike Coalition is organizing over 450 strikes of students and people of all ages as part of more than 2500 strikes worldwide.

The youth-led effort is calling for a "halt to all leasing and permitting for fossil fuel extraction, protections for frontline communities, indigenous people, and biodiversity through transformative and decisive climate action.”

September 20 is the launch of an entire week of global climate action to demand transformative action be taken by our world’s governments to address the climate emergency.

Move to Amend supports the Youth Climate Strikes on September 20 and urges everyone to take action in solidarity to address the rapidly growing Climate Emergency!

Across the country we're seeing the results of an ever expanding climate catastrophe in higher temperatures, melting glaciers, forest fires, flooded farmlands, more powerful hurricanes, and rising sea levels. Virtually every community in the country has already felt some impact from our rapidly changing climate.

We are all responsible to varying degrees in what's happened. But we’re also all responsible for making life affirming change -- and taking on arguably the single most responsible entity for climate destruction: fossil fuel corporations. Failing to act against this willful destruction under corporate rule will thwart any success we achieve towards real democracy.

It's important to join in solidarity with the next generation who are committed to taking radical action to save our planet. Click here to find an action near you.

Mass street actions like the US and global climate strikes are needed to press for massive legislative changes. Mass public actions are also needed to create massive constitutional changes -- like the #WeThePeopleAmendment (HJR 48) -- that will ease the pathway toward the urgent legislative changes.

Fossil fuel and other corporations have weaponized the U.S. Constitution by winning "corporate personhood" rights in the courts -- powers to preempt and prevent We the People from protecting our communities and planet. Fossil fuel corporations have hijacked the:

  • First Amendment political right to free speech -- allowing them to invest money in political campaigns to maintain policies encouraging (including subsidizing) the burning of oil, gas and coal, as well as avoiding being responsible for accidents like Exxon Valdez, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, etc.
  • First Amendment right not to speak -- to argue that that they shouldn't have to be disclose insider documents and be held accountable for their knowledge over decades that burning fossil fuels destroys the climate.
  • Fifth Amendment "takings" rights -- a powerful legal deterrent that will allow them to push back against efforts to "keep fossil fuels in the ground" by claiming that to do so will be trillions of dollars of lost profits that must be compensated.
  • Who knows what other constitutionally won “rights” corporate agents will pull from their anti-democratic tool kit to protect their power and profits!

There is no single solution to the climate emergency. Our collective planetary house is literally on fire. But it’s damn hard to put out a fire with water or fire retardant if a “corporate constitutional rights” armored shield is surrounding it.

The #WeThePeopleAmendment will end all corporate constitutional rights and allow money to be regulated in elections.

With this step, in conjunction to mass actions like the Youth Climate Strikes, we can hope that we’ll act in time to stop the rush to self-destruction.

Support the Youth Climate Strike week of actions. And support Move to Amend.

The math is quite simple: mass climate actions + mass constitutional actions = saving ourselves, our communities and the planet.