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Ohio Supreme Court sides with Kent citizens group on ballot initiative

September 18, 2015

Local citizens group wins a spot on the November ballot to try to force hearings on corporate influence

A local citizens group has won a victory in its effort to get a charter amendment referendum on the November ballot.

Kent Citizen’s for Democracy is backing an amendment that would require the city to have annual public hearings about the influence of money and corporations on politics.

Ohio Supreme Court rules Kent officials unconstitutionally blocked 'Democracy Day' ballot issue

September 18, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously ruled that supporters of a proposed "Democracy Day" in Kent have enough petition signatures to put the idea on the November ballot.

The 7-0 decision means that Ohio cities can't make it harder for citizens to get issues on the ballot than what the state constitution calls for, though it's unclear how many communities will be affected by the ruling.

Kent Move to Amend petition seeks to challenge corporate personhood in constitution

April 19, 2015

A charter initiative is being sought in Kent with the goal of challenging "corporate personhood" locally and nationally by gathering input from city residents during a public hearing each election cycle.

A citizens' group is planning to place the city charter amendment on the ballot through petition initiative. If approved bv voters, the initiative would require Kent City Council to designate a "Democracy Day" during the first week of October each year in which a local, state or national election is held in Kent.