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Democracy Day in Defiance

January 27, 2019

Letter to the Editor

February 14, 2019 is Valentine’s Day. It also happens to be the third airing of the event “Democracy Day in Defiance.” I urge the people of this city to take time to show love for their country by taking part in the event. 866 of you signed a petition to get it on the ballot and in November 2013, 1807 of you voted for it: 67%.

Letters to the editor: Payday lenders benefit from corporate personhood

June 29, 2018

Regarding the June 18 editorial “Close the deal on payday loans,” the payday lending situation vividly illustrates the profitability of preying on vulnerable households that cannot afford rent, let alone attorneys. It also clearly illustrates the pay-to-play process of corporate money in our legislature. Too bad vulnerable payday borrowers, working for well below a living wage, do not have the spare cash to hire attorneys or donate to their representatives.

Democracy Day gives citizens forum to air grievances, ask for change

March 6, 2018

Harold Mosley didn’t intend to step up to the podium in Toledo City Council chambers on Monday, but after listening to several citizens address their elected officials he decided to say a few words.
“This is not about them, this is about us. If you want change, vote,” he said, turning his back to the councilmen and facing the audience of about 40. “I assure you, if you vote, if you vote, you will send a message to not only politicians but corporations.”