Wayne Citizens Supporting Democracy

Date Established: 

March 2014

Wayne Citizens Supporting Democracy is the local Move to Amend Affiliate for Wayne County, PA.  We usually meet on the first Tuesday of each month, at 5:15 PM, at the Wayne County Public Library. Interested persons are always welcome! 


For more information, contact:

Katharine Dodge
wayne-pa [at] movetoamend.org


Press Coverage

Wayne Citizens Supporting Democracy supporting climate strike

September 30, 2019

While traveling, two members of Wayne Citizens Supporting Democracy, Pete Snyder and Katharine Dodge, joined an estimated 2,000 students and other people of all ages at a climate strike in Portland, Maine on September 20, 2019. They talked to many people about the connections between the climate crisis and coporate rule, and the need to pass the "We the People" amendment in order to get to the root of the climate crisis.

Wayne Citizens Supporting Democracy

November 22, 2014

The fall election netted a very interesting result: Citizens of the United States are ready to amend the Constitution.

    From Massachusetts to Ohio, from Illinois to Florida, and Wisconsin, citizens voted overwhelmingly on Nov. 4, to pass a Constitutional amendment calling for an end to the recent doctrines of corporate Constitutional rights and money as free speech.