MTA Poetry Slam

October 4, 2018

Does Corporate Power Get You Down?

Clean Air and Water Hard to Be Found?

Fight The Power at Move To Amend's Poetry Slam


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Press Coverage

Candidates supporting corporate entities’ never-intended constitutional rights aren’t qualified

September 13, 2018

It’s fair to conclude that the Supreme Court will continue to rule in favor of corporations if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed as a justice, given his business-friendly decisions that have favored energy, communications and financial corporations over the public interest and environmental protection. See

Wayne Citizens Supporting Democracy

November 22, 2014

The fall election netted a very interesting result: Citizens of the United States are ready to amend the Constitution.

    From Massachusetts to Ohio, from Illinois to Florida, and Wisconsin, citizens voted overwhelmingly on Nov. 4, to pass a Constitutional amendment calling for an end to the recent doctrines of corporate Constitutional rights and money as free speech.