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Each election cycle, we see exponentially increasing flows of corporate and billionaire money into United States elections. The distorting and corrupting effects of the this flood of money from Super PACs and corporations is clear in the behavior of Congressional leaders in areas like tax policy, healthcare, global warming, gun control and defense spending.

Congressional leaders often act counter the interests of the people they represent and are scared of being targeted by corporate super PACs, the NRA and billionaires such as the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson.

Sophisticated wealthy donors work through Dark Money, super PACs and opaque 527 funds like "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" and "Americans Coming Together" to conceal those behind carefully crafted political advertising campaigns designed to advance their agenda.

Since the landmark US Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC in 2010, the flow of corporate money into election campaigns continues to climb. From 2000 to 2016, the total amount spent in election years increased 111% from $3 billion to $6.5 billion.

The amount spent on elections by year:

  • 2018: $5,725,183,133
  • 2016: $6,511,181,587
  • 2014: $3,845,393,700
  • 2012: $6,285,557,223
  • 2010: $3,631,712,836
  • 2008: $5,285,680,883
  • 2006: $2,852,658,140
  • 2004: $4,147,304,003
  • 2002: $2,181,682,066
  • 2000: $3,082,340,937
  • 1998: $1,618,936,265


Polls show that Americans believe we are facing a flood of money that is drowning American democracy. It is clear that corporations and wealthy individuals have way too much influence in politics. Possible solutions to restore our democracy include:

1) Amending the constitution to restore our democracy.
Some may argue this method is nearly impossible given the notoriously difficult path for amendments. A veto in just one house in 13 states (representing as little as 5% of the US population) would block an amendment. But we've done this before – 10 times in the last 100 years.

2) Change how elections are funded.
Others also advocate for changing how elections are funded – moving from large dollar private election funding to some form of small dollar public funding. Under this solution, we would radically increase the number of campaign funders. This would significantly reduce the concentrated power a few large funders have on the system.

We endorse and support these and any other good solutions to solve the problem. American democracy is under full frontal attack and we need action as soon as possible!

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