Defiance Citizens For Change

Defiance Citizens For Change is a citizens based grassroots peace and social justice movement. We are here to expose any criminality by all governments or corporate elite. We also seek to meet like-minded people who are interested in educating the public while engaging in peaceful demonstration about the pertinent issues that are affecting our lives each and every day. Furthermore, Defiance Citizens For Change is a nonpartisan independent media organization comprised of patriot journalists working to hold those engaging in activities that do not represent the wishes of “We the People” – by asking the hard questions that the controlled mainstream media refuses to do.

Defiance Citizens For Change has arisen from those who have been derelict in their duties to preserve, protect and defend The Constitution of the United States against all enemies – foreign and domestic. We also recognize these inalienable rights are guaranteed to all persons across the globe and aim to ensure that each and every person has these rights protected. We toil to expose the fraud of the left/right paradigm and reveal that the world truly functions on a top/down hierarchy that threatens to destroy free society as we know it. Defiance Citizens For Change works to educate, motivate, and activate those striving to uncover the truth behind the private banking cartel of the military industrial complex that is directing the majority of U.S. policy, and that is actively seeking to eliminate national sovereignty and replace it with a “one world order.” We will also continue to move in a direction that reconnects “We the People” to the United States founding principles laid out in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
We wish to inspire a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers through creative campaigns with a commitment of non-violence. Defiance Citizens For Change are not so much a group but an idea, an idea that “We the People” are the vehicles of these “ideas” and of the freedoms, liberties, and truths we are seeking all across the globe. An idea that captures the spirits of our forefathers who just desired freedom; that together, as residents of this planet, we grow like a snowball of truth and justice rolling down a mountain of tyranny growing bigger and stronger, recognizing the beauty in our differences and the diverseness of each other, but at the same time strengthening our cause because we learn and grow from each others individuality. Then as we learn to come together, that as one, you, me, him, her, us…will realize that WE ARE CHANGE.

Our group is a peaceful organization that does not discriminate in any way. We are tolerant of all regardless of racial, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation. We denounce any individual or group that would speak in our name and that would not adhere to these precepts. Anyone violating these principles will be asked by the group to leave permanently as a destructive individual working against the goals that we are striving to achieve. As a world in crisis and a realization that time is not on our side, there will be no tolerance for anything other than an effort to preserve national sovereignty and to seek truth and justice for all through non-violent policies based on open government, public awareness, compassion, kindness and a commitment to Constitutional law.

1. Defiance Citizens For Change recognizes all members have inalienable rights as sovereign individuals written in the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights and that such rights shall be honored at all times.
2. No provocation of violence will be tolerated under any circumstances.
3. Racial, sexual, religious, age or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
4. No group member shall use language in public that will inflame others to violent action.
5. No group member shall destroy the property, tangible or intangible, of others, public or private.
6. All members will treat each other with respect at all times.

These rules have been adapted from those used by
We Are Change, with which we support but have no official affiliation.

Defiance , OH
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